When I purchase my home, it was already 35 years old. It passed inspection, of course, but it was still pretty run-down. But I purchased it because it had a lot of potential and was inexpensive. I recently hired a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY to come give me a quote for the cost to remove and upgrade my driveway. I also had a landscaper and a house painter come to my place to do the same. I was so excited about the possibilities because it was my first time getting to take the steps to implement many of the ideas that I had while living in the house for years.

I purchased a fixer-upper home because it was inexpensive. I’d only been out of college for about four years, so I didn’t have all that much money saved. However, I had done my best save every little penny that I could. I cut Corners wherever I could so that I could game a down payment for a home. Undo that I could find a home that needed a lot of help, and one day I would be able to fix it up to reflect my vision of what would make me most happy. So after I purchase the home and moved in, I simply focusd on taking care of the interior of the house. The exterior would come later.

I wanted to have a beautiful driveway made of stained concrete. I had that installed and it looks beautiful. It only took a week to do, and I am so pleased with the results. As soon as that was done, the house painter came and painted my house a beautiful sunny yellow. My house was really shaping up! After that was completed, the landscaper came back and did a great job of landscaping my yard. I now have two new trees planted in the front yard, beautiful, flowering bushes, and even bright sunny flowers all around the edge of my yard and near the base of my home.