It seems like roof repairs are more common than ever. The owner of a competing restaurant in a building a few steps from mine had his roof repaired. I was gloating a little because his restaurant had to be temporary closed down while the repairs were going on. Eventually my restaurant needed flat roof repair in Queens, I needed to find someone to do it for a good price. The other restaurant owner laughed at me because I had gloated so much about his problem in the past. He told me how to reach the repair company, but only because he didn’t think it would be any fun not to have competition.

Flat roof repair is different from the repair that you normally see done to homes with slanted roofs. The chances of falling off the roof are greatly reduced when the surface is flat. It’s easier to get on and get off the roof without having an accident. I can’t even remember the number of times that I’ve almost fallen off my own roof while trying to do some repair jobs. I’m no longer as foolish as I used to be and will gladly pay someone to do such a dangerous job.

Once the roof was repaired, the other restaurant owner challenged me to a competition. If at the end of the week his restaurant made more money than mine, I would have to say that his restaurant was the best and tell people to check out his restaurant. If I won the competition, he would have to do the same for me. I agreed to the terms of the competition and the battle was on. We were allowed to make menu changes to get more customers, so I started offering a new food ingredient based on a secret recipe to win.