You know what I like about Florida? I like seeing palm trees as well as trees I am familiar with from where we moved from. There were no palms up there. Too cold! I also like being able to be outside in December without having to wear a thick parka to keep from freezing. When we were looking for apartments in Orlando Florida, we picked a place that has a saltwater swimming pool. You won’t find those back where we used to live. Plus, just yesterday I was on the phone with my mother up north who was telling me how cold it was. That was just before I went outside in a tee shirt, shorts and sandals to wash my our car and minivan. I did not tell mom that. She gets kind of depressed in the winter.

I used to get that way too. I would crave the sunshine and long summer days. Well, at least I get the sunshine and warmth when it is freezing back where Mom is at. My wife told me to buy her a plane ticket to come down for a few weeks. I thought that was a great idea as we all get along well. We got her to fly down with some extra luggage to stay for a month. Well, she never went back. After a week of being able to go out every day and be comfortable, she started looking at apartments in Orlando Florida. She did the mom thing and picked a place that was close, but not too close. She knew from her own mother-in-law experience how to keep her relationship strong with my wife.

Mom was impressed with our place. She liked all the granite and the nice floors. She was surprised that the stainless steel appliances and a full-size washer and dryer were included in the lease. She even took a few dips in the saltwater swimming pool. She was sold on Florida on her first visit.