There is no beach in my city, so many of us make do and go up on the roof of our apartment buildings to lay out and get some sun. For that matter, most people do not have yards, so we often have roof parties. So, when I was laying out one day last week, I heard the AC go out as I was laying near it. I knew that would be trouble real fast. Air conditioner repair in NYC can be a pretty busy business around here because there are so many people and buildings in the vicinity. I hoped that we would not have to wait long.

I ended up feeling a little worried about it, so I decided to go downstairs to see if our landlord was available. But I also figured that other people were ringing him up on the phone or knocking on the door already. There were some other people milling around outside his door, but they all said that he wasn’t answering phone calls or answering the door. That worried me, but his wife soon came home and she said that he was on vacation. She knew that he was available only via email, so she would contact him and let him know, and get back to us right away.

Just a couple of hours later, I was comforted to suddenly hear the air conditioning come back on. It started out with warm air, and then it cooled to a nice, comfortable temperature within just 15 minutes. I heard my email program beep on my computer, and I went in to see what I received. It was the landlord’s wife who said that her husband had given her the go ahead to get some technicians to come over and fix the problem. It is nice to know that people are so caring!