Some Help from the Competition

It seems like roof repairs are more common than ever. The owner of a competing restaurant in a building a few steps from mine had his roof repaired. I was gloating a little because his restaurant had to be temporary… Continue Reading →

Best Option for Those Avoiding the Little Blue Pill

Kamagra online turned out to be an excellent solution to my erectile dysfunction problem. After I suffered an injury that led to this condition, I worried my only options were surgery, which wasn’t likely to work and could cause a… Continue Reading →

I Live in a Great Apartment Building These Days

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There is no beach in my city, so many of us make do and go up on the roof of our apartment buildings to lay out and get some sun. For that matter, most people do not have yards, so… Continue Reading →

Updating My Home Really Made Me Happy

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When I purchase my home, it was already 35 years old. It passed inspection, of course, but it was still pretty run-down. But I purchased it because it had a lot of potential and was inexpensive. I recently hired a… Continue Reading →

Mom Was Sold on Florida on Her First Visit to See Us

You know what I like about Florida? I like seeing palm trees as well as trees I am familiar with from where we moved from. There were no palms up there. Too cold! I also like being able to be… Continue Reading →

A Simple Cost Saving Switch

In the summer, people usually pay less for gas because they aren’t using it as much, given that they’re running the air conditioner and not the heater. That wasn’t the case with me until I switched to a new gas… Continue Reading →

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